The Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo

an official sanctuary of the Covenant of Hekate

Hecate Brimo

Hail Hecate Brimo, the angry one. Goddess of the Underworld.  

Hail Hecate Brimo, dreadful, frightening, protector of the three ways.

Hail Hecate Brimo, light bringer, keeper of the keys, mother to all

Hail Hecate Brimo!

Hecate Brimo is to me, the part of Hecate that is on the watch for those who may harm her children. She is the mother of all, the heavens the earth, the stars and the underworld. She is the keeper of all knowledge and the source of over very life force. She is the one who weeps for humanity when we are pushing our world to the very brink. She is for all, the protector, the amplifier, the light bringer, the source of our very souls. Hecate Brimo is the guardian, the fierce protector of all things. In this context, I look to honor her in all things.  I look to bring her wisdom into my daily path by maintaining the five virtues and providing others with the opportunity to do the same.

Hail Hecate Brimo!